Dolomite Lime, Calcitic Lime, Gypsum

PBD-Lime is the lime division of PBD Holdings (pty) Ltd and a major supplier of limestone and related products in the South African market. Since our establishment in 1968 we have been supplying directly to the end user from our sources:
In order to provide a comprehensive one stop service, PBD-Lime has through the years established distribution agreements with the following sources:
  • Meyerton - Glen Douglas (Dolomite)
  • Immerpan (Dolomite)
  • Marble Hall (Dolomite)
  • Hiqua (Calcite /  calcitic lime)
  • Chloorkop (Gypsum)
This combination of own sources and agreements as well as the strategic placement of the sources enable us to provide high quality products at low cost to the following industries:
We at PBD-Lime continuously improve our operations on an annual basis to ensure the competitiveness of our products at industry standard. It is our mission to identify and develop new sources thereby reducing the overall cost of limestone and dolomite into the South African market.


Dynamically provide economic benefit to our clients through quality products, services and innovative solutions


To be the leading supplier of limestone and related industrial products in the South African market

Nurturing and developing our people to be the best they can be

Satisfying the needs of our diverse client base through the creation of a portfolio of quality products.

Cultivating long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, ensuring value-add and sustainable business.

Constantly challenging our ways to ensure continuous improvement and competitiveness.

Contiguously reducing our impact on the environment while building sustainable communities in a responsible manner.
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