Limestone Supplier of Lime Products for animal feed, agriculture, water treatment, glass production & industry

PBD-Lime is a Limestone Supplier of Lime Products for animal feed, agriculture, water treatment, glass production & industry and is the lime division of PBD Holdings and a major supplier of limestone in the South African market since 1968. We are able to meet most dolomitic and calcite limestone requirements and sells directly to clients in agriculture, industry and water treatment. Our operations are strategically situated to supply in Gauteng, North-West, Mpumalanga, Free State, Limpopo and Kwa-Zulu Natal.

We ensure quality product, reliable delivery and superb value from our operational subsidiaries Calmasil, INCA Mining, Vaalbrug and Meyerton-Dolomite.


Limestone is an economical calcium source and a vital ingredient in mineral feed supplements, which fortify organic fees for farm animals and poultry. Calcium carbonates high levels of elemental calcium.

Limestone grit in poultry gizzards assists with digestion and also provide calcium fortification to strengthen the egg shell.

Dolomite should not be used in chicken feed as excess magnesium might reduce egg output.


A vast tonnage of limestone enters the agriculture fields as direct application to soil and as a filler for mixed fertilizer.

Liming neutralize soil acidity, is a direct source of nutrients, increase organic matter, increase soil micro-organisms and most importantly increase the efficiency of fertilizers.

By changing physical and biological properties of soil Lime increases microbial activity and increases fertilizer effectiveness.


Limestone is by far the lowest-cost acid neutralizer per unit of basicity and the most widely available. When complete or over-neutralization is required a limestone-lime treatment process can be employed.

Limestone is ideal for use in passive systems to treat acid mine drainage (AMD) due to the low cost of the raw material.


The manufacture of glass is an excellent example of the complementary, interchangeable use of limestone and lime. Limestone is significantly cheaper then lime and a lot easier to handle and store.

The Fe (iron) content of the limestone is critical and must be managed with the Fe content of other raw material in the glass making process.


Limestone applied to pyro-metallurgical processes is called fluxstone. The use of limestone over time depends on the smelting process and the cost of calcining the limestone as part of the process. 

A number of smelters use lime during the dry winter months when electricity is expensive and change over to limestone during the wet summer season.  Limestone is easier to handle during the rainy season and the raw material cost benefit outweighs the extra electricity cost.


By PBD Lime 15 Feb, 2017

PBD se voetspore lê wyd versprei oor die tradisionele saai areas van Suid-Afrika, maar in die laaste jare het ons nooit ‘n kalsiet bron in die Noordwes provinsie gehad nie. Goeie nuus is dat ons ‘n bron gekry het en besig is met die ontwikkeling daarvan vir die 2013 seisoen. Glaudina: Nuutste Brookside Laboratories analises  pas beskikbaar.

Bron is in bedryf sedert September 2013 en sal nagenoeg 30000-50000t produseer in 2014.

By PBD Lime 15 Feb, 2017
Besoek gerus die Rand Water damvlakke bladsy vir huidige date op damvlakke. 

Suid-Afrikaanse damme soos bygewerk deur Departement van Waterwese en sanitasie.

Water Vlakke
Rivier Sisteem en staat van Damme
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